December 31, 2016 – January 2, 2017

noisemakers, professional DJ, finger foods, desserts,
ice cream, dancing, meeting single adults in person

• Part time packages are available for 1 night.
Please call 1- 800-500-TUSC (8872) for pricing.

• Day Package:
Saturday Buffet and New Year's Eve Extravaganza
featuring DJ George Flores: $46 per person

Prices (2 nights, 5 meals) range from:
$131.80 - 221.24 per adultdouble occupancy.

Online registration is available for full time guests (2 nights).
Part-time registration or day guests can register over the phone at
1- 800-500-TUSC (8872).

The retreat begins with an optional buffet on
Saturday and ends with lunch on Monday.

Single adults of all ages are welcome.

Tuscarora Inn & Conference Center
Mt. Bethel, PA

(located off of I-80 by the Delaware River)

1-800-500-TUSC (8872)

Register Online    
Single Adult New Year's Eve Celebration 

group photo

group photo

George Flores New Year’s Eve party will include entertainment from DJ George Flores

Speaker – Travis Zimmerman


Prices for New Years Eve single adult celebration overnight accommodations at Tuscarora Inn & Conference Center are as low as $131.80 for bunk bed style rooms with a shared dormitory bathroom, to $221.24 per person for hotel type accommodations.

The above prices includes Saturday and Sunday overnight accommodations, family-style meals through lunch on Monday January 2, speaker Travis Zimmerman, and a New Years Eve Coffee House & Celebration Reception led by DJ George Flores.

The New Years Eve Celebration retreat begins with registration starting at 3PM, an optional dinner buffet on Saturday December 31 from 6:00 - 7:30pm (you must be pre-registered) and ends with midday dinner on Monday January 2.
Dining room

Main grounds (below). 
Office entrance (left) / The outside of the Senum-Thompson Center Auditorium (right)

The entrance to the Office at Tuscarora  The Senum-Thompson Center Auditorium
Take a look at Tuscarora grounds photos:

Located in the foothills of the beautiful Pocono Mountains, Tuscarora is just over the Delaware River from New Jersey and 90 minutes from New York City.
The Delaware River
Location: Tuscarora Inn & Conference Center, 3300 River Road, Mount Bethel, PA 18343
(located off I-80 by the Delaware River / Water Gap)

Tuscarora Inn & Conference Center is 70 miles from New York City,
90 miles from Philadelphia, 220 miles from Washington DC,
and 106 miles from Lancaster, PA.

Map and Directions:
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